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Last year, Knox Vapor was a newly founded business located in Knoxville, TN. It was rapidly gaining in popularity. Knox Vapor offered electronic alternatives to traditional tobacco smoking. Knox Vapor carried hundreds of flavors; a wide variety of devices and several combinations of accessories to provide clients with a pleasurable and unique vaping experience.

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Over the past few years, there has been a huge increase in health conscientious programs and people seeking a healthier lifestyle. Knox Vapor wanted to provide customers with a healthier alternative to the traditional tobacco smoking experience. Prohibited from being marketed a a smoking cessation tool due to FDA regulations, this must be promoted as a hobby, much like hooka (flavored tobacco smoking). Knox Vapor wanted to expand inventory and acquire a desirable store front location as well as incorporate a lounge into the business.

With that statement in mind, after considerable thought; KnoxVapor has decided to open a store under the franchise title of "City Vapor & E-cigs".

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We are now known as "City Vapor & E-cigs Knoxville"! This is an exciting time with the store opening in the Broadway Shopping Center. The store is located at 2001-E North Broadway, Knoxville, TN 37917. One of the main reasons for joining the City Vapor franchise is the "JUICE"! The juice is manufactured in the United States and is 100% natural and organic juice. The juice comes in High, Medium, Low and Zero nicotine strengths. (High = 26; Medium = 18; Low = 16, Zero = 0 nicotine levels.)

The goal of City Vapor & E-cigs is to help you stop your tobacco dependency and hopefully decrease your nicotine consumption. We stress a healthier alternative to smoking. Come visit us and check out our juice!

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City Vapor & E-cigs has lots of electronic devices to help you replace traditional cigarette smoking with a pleasant vaping experience..